Zhengzhou, the implementation of safety requirements to collect school supplies fail stationery – sc

Zhengzhou, the implementation of safety requirements to collect school supplies fail stationery – sc

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Child 39 s school supplies will not be difficult to handle scissors is not the head not with the smell of rubber is April 1 the re experiencing similar problems parents can confidently protect the interests of the children and Because this day my first pair of Student Supplies of mandatory national standards for quot student supplies Security General Request quot will be officially implemented br br Primary love scent stationery 3 24 11 30 minutes on a stationery store Weiwu Road Zhengzhou City the chocolate flavor with a Mickey Mouse head Ball point pen Apple Smell rubber cone scissors correction fluid Highlighter So put up a counter full Most new stationery store sales did not mark out the top manufacturers some tagging still can not understand the foreign language br br quot Mickey Mouse document that can sell well you smell can Hong write the word the smell quot Shop owner in Sell When ball point pen but also the way to sell Cartridge quot Has a variety of flavors children are like quot br br Was speaking dozens of primary school walked into a shop primary school students began to pick their ball point pen and correction fluid quot We have this with the students almost smell the stationery chocolate was the most popular quot A student out of his Writing case To show his quot Hong stationery quot br br Then visited a dozen primary schools in Zhengzhou City in front of stationery stores these stores are all selling a scented pen the quot three no quot scissors highlighters and so on br br When asked a store owner is aware of quot student supplies General Requirements for Safety quot the shop owner said that popular students get at them on sale get at what the standard pipes he br br Stationery may cause disease problems Survey found that many parents of the children seemed quite worried about school supplies Is the school door to take the child 39 s Ms Lau told reporters that the child returned home as long as an open writing case scent from the scent smell a little bit long time she will feel nausea and dizziness quot I think kids sometimes smell the fragrance also kept sneezing do not know whether something harmful to the body quot br br The experts said poor quality stationery contain harmful chemical substances on the health hazard of a child is hidden long term use of low grade school supplies toxic chemicals emitted by the students will be the nervous system blood offal etc serious injury Will lead students to distraction at worst lead to ADHD Children are prone to re make Blood disease And even leukemia br br Stationery should be disqualified from next month collection br It is understood that starting from April 1 quot General requirements for the safety of school supplies quot will be mandatory for the country it covers almost all the stationery of the security technology standards It provides for strict Pigment Pens erasers altered products products of lead mercury arsenic and other elements 8 may be the largest transfer limit as well as formaldehyde benzene and other harmful substances maximum limit The smell of stationery is likely to contain harmful substances if exceeded the maximum limit stationery will be seen as unqualified will be confiscated br br Manual scissors the top blade should arc top not as sharp tip for scissors blades etc because of the existence of functional needs of the sharp edges and tip the warning statements should be established drawing with a ruler stationery etc can reach the edge corner and so can not have flash tip or overflow edges or to protect so untouchable br br For the imminent implementation of the quot national standard quot many teachers and parents have indicated their support quot Kids buy stationery we parents will put the number of snacks quot Parents Qiaomin said

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