New World in the 21st Century: Yozo Office 2010

New World in the 21st Century: Yozo Office 2010

Article by Kiko

I think you are another Columbus, because you are now visiting my article. I’ll show you another New World in the 21st Century—–A wonderful office software: Yozo Office 2010. It’s advantages are as following:High compatibilityDocuments created by Yozo Office 2010 can be opened and edited by Microsoft Office 97, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Aslo documents created by Yozo Office 2010 can be saved as Microsoft Office format. Yozo Office 2010 is the best alternative for your home, school and office use.Multi-data cellIf you use Mircosoft Office, you’ll find except text, number, date and formula can be stored in cells, the other types of data only can appear above the worksheet. When different types of data appear in one document, you’ll find it confused and hard to manage.Yozo Office 2010 use multi-data cell technology settled the problem completely. Using worksheet as a data object store, we can store all kinds of data object in cells, such as document, picture, chart, video, movie and other types of data object.These data objects usually appear as a icon with simple introduction title. Double-click the icon can open or display the item. We can treat the worksheet as a warehouse, types of data objects are goods and cells are the storage drawers. If we have no storage drawers, goods will be stacked with messy. While using Yozo Office 2010, we could put all the goods in different storage drawers arranging in kinds. When we need to use goods, we only need to open the storage drawers.Paste LinkWhen you make some business plan or investigation which need to use amount of data, usually it needs to be modified for several times. And maybe the same data was used both in word, excel and powerpoint. When using Microsoft Office, you should modify data one by one. While using Yozo Office, you only need to modify the data source. It not only simplifies your work, but also improves the accuracy of your work.The suitable priceYozo Office 2010 only sells .95, only needs less than 1/3 price of Mircosoft Office, but the funtions and quality is not weaker than Mircosoft Office. If you buy for family will save more money. Because key for 3-user just need .95. To show the advantages of Yozo Office 2010, three days and nights would not be enough. Maybe you think what I’ve said is exaggerated. If so, don’t wait. Visit to download one for trying.Just use search engine search by yourself, you’ll find what I said is right.

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If you are interested in the software,go to to download a trial version,you’ll find it is more useful than Microsoft Office.


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