Unleash Your Inner Beast, How To Get Big!

Unleash Your Inner Beast, How To Get Big!

Article by Anthony Rosen

So you want to know how to get big? It’s not as hard as you might think. While you’re sitting there in your chair letting your butt get flatter, just stop, take your hand off the mouse and read this. Ok. Are you ready? Here’s how to get big!

Demand more from your body/muscles than what you are currently doing and definitely more than what the average American is doing. It’s really almost just that simple. Because your muscles are probably just going to waste right now unless you are CURRENTLY playing a high school or college level sport.

You see most of us get out of bed and just get some lousy breakfast then head off to work or school and sit or stand for the next several hours. Then we head home and sit around there, too. That’s NOT how to get big. It’s the opposite.

The federal government is actually now recommending that we get a minimum of sixty to ninety minutes a day of physical activity. And that’s for everyone. Whether you’re 5 or 85, you need to be moving. It’s what we were meant to do, and if we want to do right by our bodies and our genes, we need to seriously just get moving.

Each time you put your body through a rigorous intense but brief exercise, there is an immediate spike in human growth hormone. Says something about how to keep “hgh” up as well as what our bodies are capable of.

Seriously, even just a hundred or so years ago before cars and industrial “stand around” and sit-around jobs, most were farmers or hunters and gatherers and constantly on the move. Look at farm boys these days. Most aren’t bodybuilders by far, but just by lifting and throwing hay and chasing cows and such they have pretty decent muscles based on their own genetics and work.

So drop and do some push-ups a handful of times through out the day. Squat down to a chair a dozen or so times at each of your school or work breaks. After work, walk around your block once. Then jog around it. Then sprint 10-30 seconds followed by a 60-90 second walk. Then repeat the sprint walk intervals as many cycles as you want.

These simple hgh boosting activities done several times a day until exercise becomes a sweet, sweet mood boosting, blood bumping blast that pushes you to lift heavier and sweat more while loving it on a daily basis.

Creating a FUN and positively addicting workout mind-set is how to get big.

Don’t stop now,learn more about how to get big!

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Anthony Rosen has been involved in the fitness industry for a several years, as a personal trainer. In all my years as a trainer I can tell you that Vincent DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Program is the most complete exercise program for the fitness enthusiast regardless of experience level.

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