The Top Benefits of Home School

The Top Benefits of Home School

Article by Maggie Martel

Why shouldn’t you have your children stay at home and have them learn there? Do you, or for that matter, do they really like having to rise at the crack of dawn? And then they have to leave the coziness of home and venture out into a school where you have little or no contribution as to what they are learning. When you home school your children, you have the benefit of being able to regulate what they are learning. You can create the curriculum that best suits your child. Who knows your child better than you?

One of the biggest benefits of home schooling is that if your child needs more time to master a specific skill or concept, you have the ability to let them master it at their own pace, rather than being dictated by the school board. With home schooling, your child sets their own pace of learning and you are able to give them far more individual attention than a teacher could with 24 other children to teach. Your child will also benefit from the fact that they aren’t the subject of ridicule from other children if they don’t understand something as fast as others.

Home schooling also becomes a part of the family dynamics. Your family becomes “the teacher”. Family trips can incorporate lessons that your child enjoys. Cooking and gardening become lessons in math and science that are fun for you and your child. If your child makes a mistake in a recipe or in planting a plant, it is a chance for them to learn what went wrong without Being made fun of by other children. Vacations can incorporate social studies by teaching your child about the areas you are visiting without them realizing that they are learning.

When you home school your child, competition is limited to your child being competitive with only themselves’. Your child’s confidence is not damaged. You know your child best and can therefore plan the curriculum to best awaken your child’s interest in any subject. You also can determine how each day is planned. If you have a tough science lesson, then you can follow that with a fun activity that incorporates language arts, such as reading an interesting story, or cooking to teach a math concept. Since you know your child best, you know what works best for them as a setting for learning. Some children learn more from reading, others from hands-on, visual activities.

As your child’s home school teacher, you can also determine the morale and religious teachings your child is exposed to. And in regards to religious teaching, you are also able to control if or how much religious teachings are brought into your child’s realm. Your kids will have a precise view of what your family’s values entail and there will be no uncertainty as to what your family truly believes. What you teach your child is the way your family lives.

There are more and more parents becoming dissatisfied with the public school system as it is now. They worry that recent congressional edicts are either pushing their children too hard or not pushing them nearly as much as they should be. Other parents are concerned with the government taking too much control on what can and can not be said, let alone taught to their children. Some parents fear that their children are not put in appropriate classes according to their abilities, but are massed -passed because of their age. And then there are other parents who had bad experiences in their past with the school system and are determined to make a better educational setting for their children.

Many parents are wary of home schooling because they feel that their children will not get enough social contact with their peers. The truth is, with so many people opting to home school their children, there is a great network accessible for you to interact with other home school families. Feel that you aren’t smart enough to teach math or science? There are home school mom and dads who will trade off teaching certain subjects if you teach your children and theirs’ the subjects you are best at.

There are many resources available to parents who desire to home school; never feel that you are alone in this endeavor. You just have to put in the time and the spunk to take on the tremendous responsibilities of delivering your child from the present and into the future. But what is more vital in your life than helping your child become the best they can be?

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