The Home Schooling Curriculum Teaching Your Child At Home

The Home Schooling Curriculum Teaching Your Child At Home

Article by Alison Palmer

Home schooling is preferred by some parents. Some parents want to make sure that their child is getting all the schooling needed even though he is staying and learning at home instead of learning inside the classroom. They believe that they are able to control the curriculum better. Moreover, they want to impart their own values that are necessary in molding a child. They are also focused on teaching deeper subjects that they believe are significant to his learning. There is also a belief that they can slow down when the child is having difficulty and spend more time on these subjects. In this way, the child has a better chance of learning the harder lessons.

You can be there to guide your child in some topics and issues that could be easily misinterpreted when explained in school by teachers or other classmates. In terms of social interactions, home schooling has developed good benefits. Thoughtful parents nowadays have considered home schooling as a solution to their child’s learning needs. The number of children learning at home is continually increasing. But apart from the benefits, there are also drawbacks.

Let us first discuss the benefits that one can get from home schooling. First and foremost is control, the control on what to learn, what to teach and what to encourage in your child’s mind. Some parents say that some schools, private or public, have a lack of input and control that a parent has over his or her child’s educational needs. Some parents think that they can provide a better standard and quality of education through home schooling. They can teach their children on the subjects and areas which they feel are appropriate for their children to learn. These parents feel there is a lack of quality education in school and that there are many factors that could be the cause of this. These factors could be the curriculum, the teaching staff, as well as the teaching methods.

Moreover, they are afraid that their child is exposed to a wide range of children his own age but with different backgrounds and upbringings. They are afraid that classmates might influence their children have parents who do not hold the same values. In addition, home schooling is less expensive than enrolling your children in private schools which require high tuition fees. Every year tuition fees get higher and these expenses will only increase. For these reasons, some families prefer home schooling rather than enrolling in private schools. They believe that home schooling creates more bonding interactions between the parents and their children. With this, the child may never feel neglected and abandoned in any way.

Some drawbacks to home schooling is that some children can find it quite isolating, so it is important to include some form of socializing for your child. Be it after school clubs or sports. Also, as a parent you will have to be disciplined to ensure your child receives the education they deserve and do not fall behind in any of the curriculum subjects. There will be exams to sit and papers to mark, which have to be submitted for review. If conducted in a thorough and organized fashion, home schooling can be beneficial for both parent and child.

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