Places To Shop To Save Big Money On School Supplies And Kids Uniforms

Places To Shop To Save Big Money On School Supplies And Kids Uniforms

Article by Lorna Darden

Summer vacation is almost over for school kids and that means stretching your wallets for school supplies. If you have more than one child buying school supplies can be expensive, but you have to know where to go to save money when shopping. These are three great stores that will save you a bundle.

Family Dollar is a great place to go for big savings! Shop here and you will find folders that are 10 for a , notebooks 2 for a , pencils that are 10 for a buck and it goes on and on.

Dollar General is similar to Family Dollar, they both are great places to shop and save for supplies, home and miscellaneous stuff. You should checkout your newspapers for locations and coupons.

Going back to school shouldn’t break your wallet, you should always prepare and save when you know school is about to be in session. Looking at the papers you get in the mail is very important and will save you a whole lot if you pay attention to them. Backpacks are the most expensive item to worry about besides buying clothes. If you are looking to save big on your child’s clothes, checkout AJ Right stores they have nice outfits for preschoolers and high school kids at prices starting at just or maybe less.

School uniforms can be a pain because you just can’t buy just one you need at least 4 or 5 of them. You can find great prices on uniforms at Kids for Less stores or AJ Right they uniform shirts are and the pants are if you go on time for the sales. If you can’t afford to buy anything new, checkout some thrifts stores, they will usually have old uniforms and backpacks in good quality condition if you get there on time because uniforms tend to fly like the wind new or old.

And last but not least Wal-Mart always has unbelievable deals for school supplies. Folders are 15cents, packs of paper 2 for a buck, low, low prices on erasers, pens, 5 star notebooks and the book bags start from -. I know I’ve listed more than three stores to shop at, but you can save so much at a variety of stores like Home Depot they have cool prices on the stuff kids need for school too! It is just too hard to name just three, there should also be programs in your home town that are giving away school uniforms and school supplies for school check it out call around and ask. Oh, yeah checkout Payless for cheap prices on school shoes.

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