More and More Families Are Choosing to Home School

More and More Families Are Choosing to Home School

Article by Shelly Brayzer

The number of homeschooled children is on the rise. While it was once very rare to choose to teach your kids at home, now lots of families choose to do just that. Homeschooled children don’t let socialization interfere with other priorities such as work according to studies. Studies also show stronger family bonds in homeschooled kids. Knowing that is all well and good, of course, but making the decision to homeschool your kids is just one part of the process. Choosing your curriculum is another step in the process. Use these tips to get you started with your homeschooling.

Before you start buying up lesson plans and enrolling your kids in online classes, make sure you understand the federal regulations that govern K-12 education. Most of the regulations are decided by your state, there are some federal rules that govern all the states. You need to be sure that any curriculum you choose meets these requirements so make sure you understand them. Either your local board of education of the Department of Education can give you the information you need regarding the current regulations. Diane Lockman’s Authentic Classical Trivium is another curriculum that is quickly becoming well known and highly respected as a home school curriculum. This curriculum is popular in the christian community. Although the name seems to insinuate a type of schooling like those in a classical archetypes it really doesn’t. Speech, language and thought are the main focus in the education in this program. Teaching your children with freedom to help your kids in these three areas will be the reason you’ll like this one.

Sometimes one of the best approaches to choosing your own home schooling curriculum is to invest in boxed sets for different lessons. The boxed sets can make you more capable of adding structure to your day and your lesson plans. When you need to figure out your technique for a particular unit or lesson plan, the will be helpful because they often times comes with books and teaching materials to help you. One of the best things about a boxed set is that it isn’t necessary for you to utilize every item that is included-you can weed through it, in case you believe your ideas are better. Also, you don’t have to totally rely upon the boxed set for your curriculum-you can pick sets for the topics that you don’t yet have in your curriculum. You can see by the proven value in home schooling to your children. The fact is that kids who were home schooled do better on tests and in college. They often have stronger family bonds than those in public schools too. This is reassuring news for people who have been thinking about home schooling but worry about its efficacy. Don’t start home schooling before you have done some studying on what curriculum you will choose. Make sure you are doing enough research and talking to other home schoolers. This will lead you to the best path!

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