Mechanic Career Guide – High School Students

Mechanic Career Guide – High School Students

Article by Marc Webber

If you are in high school and have a penchant for car repair, you’ll find the job of the automobile mechanic challenging and extremely rewarding. In fact, automobile mechanics make a notable income in current times and tend to be highly in demand. You can easily make a yearly income of about ,000-,000 as an auto mechanic. However, you must be wondering the way to get into the shoes of an automobile mechanic! Let’s read further.

Relevant Training within the FieldAt this point, you ought to know that the auto mechanic is mainly in charge of repairing, servicing, and looking after vehicles of any make or model. Hence, to become an auto mechanic, it is advisable to at the very least have a high school diploma although having vocational training is often a bonus. Automobiles have considerably changed in the functionality and design. Therefore, you might need numerous years of instruction and expertise to be labeled as a reputable mechanic.

However, an individual with suitable schooling and training probably should not face much difficulty locating a fantastic job opportunity as an auto mechanic. Automobile firm employers prefer employing high school graduates, who have completed postsecondary classes and possess academic expertise in mechanical drawing, metal work, science and automobile maintenance, computer skills, and math. The reality is, high school graduates having been through advanced auto mechanic courses, which give first-hand experience with auto repair required for entry-level job opportunities, get the preference in job. Therefore, you can take a look at joining a postsecondary training program on completion of high school education. It really is equally important that you go for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification courses.

Preference for ASE CertificationTry taking a little field appropriate courses at a trade school so that you can earn your National Service for Automotive Service Excellence accreditation. Vocation training for one to two years available from community and trade colleges offers both classroom instruction and hands-on training, which ensures strong knowledge of necessary field. Even this kind of vocational training is very sought after by employers, who require applicants to get such training in-house if they could not get the same in their high school programs.

An ASE certification, presented in eight different automotive repair categories, including brake system, engine repair, electrical system, is surely a plus and dresses up your application. Each ASE certification course demands successful finishing of a test together with a two-year experience. Getting an ASE certification provides you with many benefits, including more job prospects, higher perks, and confidence of holding formal training in this line of business. Actually, an ASE certification could make you worth more for the employer as well as the client, who’ll have a need for your services, thus increasing your brand value.Should you want to be a master automobile mechanic by ASE standards, you need a certification in every automotive repair area. Once certified by ASE, an automobile mechanic should get his certification renewed through getting re-tested every five-years.

How To Begin Your Career As An Auto MechanicBegin looking for automobile companies before you finish your education because most of these organizations demand job applications early on for the next year. In the meantime, for first-hand practical experience, you can start repair at home if you own a vehicle. By using a repair manual for your model, you can learn basic vehicle upkeep tips, including changing oil and troubleshooting small complications. Doing all this by yourself provides you with self-confidence to deal with the tougher challenge ahead.For now, you can attempt to find a self-employed but extremely skilled auto mechanic in your community, who will enable you to volunteer for a few hours every week and be a mentor to you, directing you through the automotive career field. This can give you hands-on practical knowledge needed to start a career in this particular field. In the meantime, if you acquire a part-time job offer from a workshop, you can willingly accept to realize practical knowledge before joining a full-time job. Once you’ve the mandatory experience and knowledge, you are on the appropriate track to becoming an automobile mechanic.

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