How to Home School Your Child Part One – Preparing Yourself

How to Home School Your Child Part One – Preparing Yourself

Article by Sherri Wallace

Deciding to home school your child is a wonderful decision and I hope it is not one you took lightly. As a former teacher, I am here to help you move forward in your decision. This three-part article will help you take the necessary steps in creating a learning environment where your child can fully develop at home. I truly believe you, as a parent, can teach your child. Good luck and happy teaching.

Prepare Yourself for Teaching

The very first step is to completely devote yourself to your task to teaching your child each and every day. This will be your job as the teacher of your children. This is your legal responsibility as their guardian. It should not be taken lightly and no one should tell you to do it later. Teachers do this for eight hours for a reason, so should you.

Choose a Teaching Style

Some teachers follow Montessori others follow Waldorf.

You need to decide what you consider a good high, quality education. The very reason you chose to home school was that you wanted your child to get a good education. If you don’t decide how to educate your child, then you will never create a proper learning environment.

Study up on the different home school methods, choose which method fits your teaching style and go from there.

A few examples include:

* unschooling * Diane Lockman’s authentic classical trivium (The Classical Scholar) * Charlotte Mason’s methodology * Global Student Network * International Virtual Learning Academy

Plan Your Curriculum

There is an enormous amount of information that you will need to weed through before you to start teaching. This is overwhelming for a first year teacher and it is even more so for a parent. At least teachers have a semblance of where to begin. Home schooling parents often don’t know where to begin. Let me help you out here.

Pick a curriculum guide and go with it your first year. The following years, as you get more comfortable, feel free to branch out and veer from the curriculum. The first year is hard enough. Pick a curriculum guide and follow it, as you will be overwhelmed enough teaching it all as it is

Go Local for Support

The Internet is full of local groups of home school parents looking for support groups. These are great places to hook up for field trips, PE, activities and support. When the kids get older, you can do co-op classes, get advice, and even co-teach. They are a very valuable support network you will love to have help you out.

Focus on the Legality of Your Home School

Different states have different laws, so look them up. In many states, it is up to you to follow the structure and if you don’t you could be fined or worse. Make sure you get a copy of the law. (Some states, the school has to provide a copy of the law to you.)

In most cases, the schools wipe their hands clean once you decide to home school. Be very clear, they will have nothing to do with you once you make the decision. They treat it like a dropout.

Stay Tuned for Part Two of How to Home School Your Child

Hopefully, this has helped you get you on your way to home schooling your child. In part two of “How to Home School Your Child,” I will help you prepare your family and friends. Then we will discuss how to plan the day, methods of records keeping and other factors that go into a successful home schooling experience. Until next time, I wish you a happy home schooling experience.

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