How Do You Teach With A Home School Math Book?

How Do You Teach With A Home School Math Book?

Article by Douglas M. Parks

Well, you’ve done it, you decided to home school your child or children, to improve their education and safety. Now what do you do? The first thing to do is to contact your state agency that handles home schooling and determine their requirements for you to be validly home schooling your child. They will be specific about what you will need to do to get started in the home schooling and help your child meet his education goals.

While it is true that home schooled children exceed public school children in test scores, that goal is partially up to you. One of the areas you will need to address is math. You will need a home school math book, and there are some free home school math books the state may find appropriate. It will require some research to find what you need and what works best for you.

Many schools have altered their teaching methods for math and their math books. Your choices for home school math books will be substantial and important for your child. Since some of the programs used to teach math in the last twenty years are now being abandoned as failures, your choice of home school math book need to take into account what those failures are and what method you want to use to teach your child.

This will mean extra work on your part, but I think most parents will make the time to determine what can be more efficient. One such method, which was abandoned, a long time ago, is repetition. If you are over thirty years of age, you remember memorizing the multiplication tables, however, that practice has stopped for a long time. It is now back in vogue, mostly because repetition is the way most people learn.

When it comes to home schooling math books you might want to consider a program that builds on teaching concepts and keeps children repeating tasks they have earlier learned. The learning from such a home schooling math book will be more substantial and long-term. It is easy for children to forget what they have previously learned if it is never again part of their work and tests.

Especially in math, where the concepts really do build on each other, a missing or lost concept will stop your child’s progress. In your home schooling math book you need to find one that will continue to include older concepts in ongoing work, rather than leave it and move on. Good luck in your search and your child’s education.

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