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A century ago, home schooling was the only means of giving a child a wholesome education, but today, it is an option among many methods of educating a child to the required level. Parents choose home schooling for their children due to several reasons. It could be the parents’ attitude towards public or private schools in the area, a disability of the child, motivation to meet bigger goals than what is set in schools, etc. Typically home schooling is done by a parent himself/herself, but today, tutors qualified in specific subject areas are present for home schooling.

In order to make home schooling as effective as the education given to a child in a school environment, it’s important that the parents/ tutors get a hold of the appropriate homeschooling material. The national law states that every child should be given equal opportunities, thus, not providing the child with the age appropriate lessons, activities, and homeschooling material will not only be depriving the child of his basic rights, but also going against law.

The number one homeschooling material that teachers must have is the home educational curriculum (the goals, objective and time frame for achievements according to the child’s age and requirements). For example, a child should develop certain math skills or language skills within a certain age limit, unless he/ she is diagnosed with a learning disability. In order to know this, a curriculum should be referred to.

Next essential homeschooling material is textbooks. Again, the relevant textbooks/ workbooks/ reading material that are used in a school should be provided for the child. These text books and related homeschooling material such as audio-taped lessons, videos, worksheets, etc, will make the teaching process easier for the tutor too. We must pay special attention to the fact that the child will not get an opportunity to socialise and get involved in activities with peer groups.

In addition to making sure the child is put in outdoor team sports, clubs and societies in the community, the homeschooling material must be designed in such a way that he/she learns interactively. For instance, a lesson on culture could be turned into an activity where the child interviews people of different ages in his community and prepares a report on it.

Learning resources such as educational games, storybooks, toys and instruments are also essential homeschooling material. Chances are that parents may not be able to provide the child with the exact lab or playroom environment he/she may be exposed to in school. This is one of the greatest cons of home schooling. Yet, if planned carefully and processed under and ‘umbrella school’ the child can learn better, even if there is a lack of homeschooling material.

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