Give Your Children Great Home Schooling with Educational DVDs

Give Your Children Great Home Schooling with Educational DVDs

Article by Jessy Brown

With the advanced and rapid technology development, there are an overwhelming amount of materials and resources for creative thinking, playing, invention and arts, etc available nowadays. As for the education field, people today use various technologies such as educational DVDs and videos, online encyclopedias, computers, calculators, digital sound and the internet to promote creative thought and to integrate play and the arts across the education process.

Well, in this digital times, the educational role of home schooling is being intensified day by day, because compared with the traditional schooling setting home schooling allows for more flexibility. In the home schooling, the option of a personalized curriculum design with a dash of every teaching method is supported. Textbooks, educational DVDs, educational videos or even vacations can be used as live tutors.

Now, as a child’s education-involved parent, you may have decided to help your children achieve a good education from home schooling? Now what? From where I stand, the educational DVD is frankly a good choice.

However, as everything has two sides, home schooling by educational DVDs also has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is especially loved of the educational DVD is its menu function, which makes the applicable chapter selection and quickly fast forwarding to the applicable location on the DVD possible. And when you home schooling your children at different ages, DVD offers you absolute convenience by having one child viewing a DVD on the computer while the other uses the DVD player attached to the television.

But you should also bear in mind that DVD cannot do everything, for example, if you are showing your little kid some rare animals, a kind of precious plant or you’re your sixth grader an educational video on dinosaurs, then a trip to the local zoo, botanical garden and the local museum to see or touch the animal, plant or observe the real dinosaur bones can really enhance their learning. So this means that you cannot just rely on DVD.

What’s more, when you are home schooling with educational DVDs, you should also take the creativity encouragement into consideration. In this format of education, a child’s imagination and creativity can be dulled too much learning occurring visually. We are not receiving information in spoon-fed way in the real world and most of our jobs require some level of creativity, even only in the problem-solving situation.

So, take the topics presented in the DVD and be creative yourself to guide them to be creative. For example, after showing them a DVD on the rain forest, ask questions that require a creative response, such as “Why do you think some trees get so much taller than the others?”, “What do you think happens to the dead leaves on the forest floor?”, or “How do you think the animal help the forest survive?” Of course, this is just a simple instance, you can think of even more creativity-inspiring questions for your kids.

Regarding the education video and DVD selection for home schooling, it is important to remember a few key points to make the learning fun.

You should have a clear mind map of your children’s learning preference. Children learn at different rates and in different ways. So you need to be keenly clear of your children’s likes and dislikes, how they learn best and what topics they find interesting. For instance, if your first grader loves ballet, then an educational DVD that uses ballet to teach math is going to work great!

Then sometimes you may find yourself in such a dilemma: the purchased educational DVDs cannot fit for all the educational occasions, since they are ready-made with limited topics, as in the above “ballet” situation, you may have no result in the search for that very educational DVD.

Well, the best solution may be to DIY an educational DVD yourself with a DVD Creator tool (of course, if you are a mac user, then a DVD creator for mac is want you need). After you have selected the suitable educational video clips, just throw them to the DVD creator software, and you can get a personalized educational DVD for your certain educational purpose in a short while.

Finally, wish your children a great progress success in the study!

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