Choosing the Best Apps for Kids – iTot Cards

Choosing the Best Apps for Kids – iTot Cards

Article by Mary Buchanan

This is a great app with a fantastic spin on education. It is presented to us by iTotApps, Inc. The app is a flashcard app. One fabulous engaging feature is that it contains hundreds of flash cards in four languages! Even better, it is a universal app for use on all of your Apple products.

The languages span from English to Spanish and on to French and Chinese. What a wonderful thing to expose both our preschoolers and older kids too. Categories cover ABC’S, Numbers, shapes, colors, animals, foods, things, and the ability to mix them up.

You use a simple scroll wheel at the bottom left to chose your language. To stop and go back to pick another topic, tap the top left of the screen and a button pops up for you to use to go back.

In this rapidly changing world this app is such a blessing. To enable our kids to get familiar with other languages is quite the tool for their lifetime toolbox.

I can’t wait to show it to my grandson. He is three years old now and we got an iPad for him when he was two. He still uses his iPad every day and it goes with him in the car as well.

Searching for great educational apps for him led me to build my website in order to provide parents and caretakers an easy way to make the app choice. Our videos show the app in action and save time in making choices.

I also did a review on Handy Manny’s Flicka’s Flashcard Fiesta which is a flashcard app that includes games. This one has both Spanish and English as well as the Handy Manny’s Workshop app. I am so happy to see this trend of excitement for multilingual education. It certainly helps to reinforce to our kids that we are all one as well as individuals.

I can only imagine how much space it would take to store all of those cards in the cardboard fashion. Not to mention all the other educational worksheets and book apps that I have reviewed. Space is a hot commodity in a parents’ world. The portability of the Apple products is just another plus. Our kids can take them on the road, use them at home, school, or in an airplane. No more wasted time waiting for the doctor, just more time for education is a fun and rewarding fashion. It is so easy for our kids to share their tools with family and friends when they bring along their iPad.

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Mary Buchanan is long term Florida resident and a mother and grandmother and all around Apple believer.

Mary Buchanan PA is the president ofhttp://www.BestAppsforKids.org

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