Benefits of Home Schooling

Benefits of Home Schooling

Article by Patricia Harper Stewart

There are benefits for both the child and the parents with home schooling. In recent years, we find that many more parents are choosing to home school because of these benefits.

Firstly, in a very pragmatic since homeschooling is convenient. There is no need to worry how the child will get to and from school, and school activities. Most or all of the schoolwork can be, done at home or online.

This reason alone plays a huge role in the decision to home school a child. Another reason is the fact, it is usually the mother who is at home with the children. The mother or father may need to stay at home because they cannot afford day care or it may be difficult to get the child into the preferred private school.

Home schooling is less expensive than private schools whose tuition can be difficult for some families to pay on hourly wages or a limited salary. The cost of public school activities can add up as well during the school year.

Aside from these pragmatic concerns what is often more important to the parents who choose to home school a child is they are in control of what the child is learning and the pace at which the child learns. Home schooling places the children in their own surroundings and therefore they are more comfortable. The kitchen table with mom or dad cooking, or in there room at a comfortable quiet desk can be the best classroom of all.

This way there are no distractions or disruptions for the child to encounter. The child is better able to concentrate in familiar surroundings. It is reassuring for the parent in knowing that the child is actually learning the proper lessons and values that they want to pass on. The child is thus shielded from potentially negative influences in a school setting where, sadly, we often here in the news tragic instances of bullying, for instance.

If you choose to have a Bible study included into the child’s daily lessons then you are free to do so when you home school a child. Public and private schools do not allow this. They also do not allow a child time to pray before class in the mornings any longer. This is a huge benefit as parents can start their day and the child’s day off right with a pray for strength and knowledge for the day’s studies.

Finally homeschooling can be a very bonding experience for families. Children grow up so quickly and those passing years can’t be recaptured. How much better for parents and children to spend this quality time together towards a greater purpose.

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