Back to School Supplies – Tips to Keeping Costs Down

Back to School Supplies – Tips to Keeping Costs Down

Article by Seomul Evans

Preparations for going back to school always put stress on parents rather than on kids. While the kids are relaxing during their summer vacation, they are hardly worried about back to school supply. Parents, on the other hand, must start preparations early if they want to avoid the last-minute scramble for school supplies a week before school starts. Buying schoolbags, clothes, and stationery ahead of time will also save on costs. Here are some ways you can keep the cost of back to school supplies to a minimum.

Once the list of school supplies that your child requires arrives, you should keep that list with you at all times. Instead of immediately going out to buy everything on that list, complete your shopping over time. Keep a lookout for sales, and leave your kids at home, as they would invariably clamor for the most expensive school supplies if you bring them along. Your local discount school supply store is a good place to start looking, as they will have school supplies at reasonable prices.

While your kid may adore the latest Disney cartoon character, you should never buy school supplies with such cartoon characters on them. In an all-too-short period of time, your kid will become bored of that particular character and fall in love with the latest one. Supplies with the previously beloved character will now be thrown aside in favor of your kid’s new love.

When buying lunch boxes, look for those that are soft-sided and thermal. These will keep food cool or warm and in good condition for a longer period of time. Zip-lock baggies do not provide adequate protection for food. Reusable plastic containers are much better along with a thermos for hot drinks during winter.

Schoolbags should be tough and durable, as kids do not take much care of their schoolbags. Backpacks make better schoolbags than the latest “cool” bags, and camping stores sell excellent backpacks. The zippers and pockets on backpacks appeal to most kids, and they usually go on sale as summer draws to a close. Also check your local discount school supply store for good deals on schoolbags and backpacks. Back to school supply sales are also a good place to look for your child’s next schoolbag.

When shopping for new clothing for your kids, pick out pieces that can all be worn interchangeably. This will give your kid a wide variety of combinations and choices when it comes to clothing. For kids, ten shirts and seven pairs of pants that can be mixed and matched with each other will make for an adequately-sized clothing collection. When buying clothing for your kid, avoid buying things that are considered that are currently in fashion, as this will quickly change. As all parents should know, however, teenagers are very concerned with their image, so you should allow your kid to choose a few pieces of fashionable clothing that they can wear when they feel the need. This helps to head off resentment from your kid.

So, well before the time comes for your kid to head back to school, you should have prepared his or her school supplies and have them all ready for the first day of the new school year. Supplies for school can be expensive to obtain, especially if you allow your kids to choose all of their own school supplies. Follow the tips laid out above in order to prevent the costs of back to school supply shopping from skyrocketing.

While there are many other things that you can do to make procuring your child’s back to school supply easier, these are some basic ideas that you can start with. This will help you cut down on costs and easily obtain everything that your kid needs to start the new school year on a good footing.

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