5 Mental Limitations of a Second Grader

Even though second graders are well aware of what is going on in school, they are, without a doubt, still developing mentally.


Which begs the question: What are they capable of understanding? In other words, what are their limitations too?


Now, it must be said that there are certain mental limitation for different age groups.


So, here are a few answers that were developed by Jean Piaget when forming the theory of cognitive development in 1921:


#1: They can understand symbols related to concrete objects. For example, they are able to understand the significance of the plus sign while being able to use in their calculations as well.


#2: They are reaching that state of being logical and while their thoughts might be bizarre, you will still be able to understand their craziest thoughts.


#3: They find it easy to carry out reverse thinking. While it might seem difficult to do this quickly, they still find it easier in the second grade to retrace their mental steps and recall how they arrived at a particular conclusion.


#4: They continue to be egocentric but are much lesser than they were earlier. They still are of the view that everyone sees the world as they do but are able to relate to other people’s point of view.


#5: When comparing two objects, they are able to distinguish between the two, in terms of volume, length and number. Older second graders are able to understand substance.

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