5 Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Teachers

Most teachers who put their heart and soul into their work year after year rarely expect anything in return. However, it still is a good idea for families who are thankful to show how they feel while not spending too much on gifts.

So, here are 5 inexpensive gift ideas:


#1: Offer a Nomination

One of the best ways to offer your thanks is by nominating the teacher for the Scholastic Teacher of the Year and share recommendation letters that other teachers and parents have offered.


#2: Books

Another excellent gift would be give the teacher a gift card from a bookstore. Another idea would be to contribute to the class library by donating a few books. There will always be room for new books in any class.


#3: Money in the form of gift cards

Another gift that teachers like is a gift card for certain sums of money. Teachers usually spend this money buying books and supplies for the classroom. A little money can go a long way in helping a teacher carry out her responsibilities better.


#4: A handmade scrapbook

Another heart-warming gift would be to create a scrapbook that contains quotes and pictures from every student in the teacher’s class. It’s a great gift considering the memories that it holds for teachers and which can be shared with others in the future.


#5: A Themed gift basket

You can get together with a couple of parents and give the teacher a themed gift basket. Probably a Night at the Movies or even a Home Spa would show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate their efforts.

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