4 Activities That Will Help Your Child Unplug

According to a recent study, almost 38 percent of children (between the age of 0-8 years) are happy to put away books in favor of technology in the form of a smartphone, iPod, mp3 player or even an iPad for that matter.


But no matter what, the television still remains the most popular among kids, with a number of them having one in their bedrooms as well.


So, keeping in mind how important it is for kids to get some downtime, here are 4 activities that can help them unplug:


#1: Read them a story

Whether you read to them aloud or along with them, spend some time with your child getting them acquainted with animals, people, places and ideas that go beyond the cartoons that they watch regularly. Even if they can’t sound out words yet, this can serve as a foundation to get them to cultivate a lifelong love for books.


#2: Participate in crafts

Make crafts a part of your child’s activities at three times a week despite their busy schedule.Come to think of it, all that paper crumpling and paper cutting and so on and so forth will help build their muscles for writing.


#3: Reduce TV time

Setting clear limits for television, smartphone, computer and movie use is imperative.For that matter, it is important that you take some time off from your iPhone too. This will show your children that you can practice what you preach.


#4: Spend time with nature

With recess time being eliminated, it has become more important than ever to get children off the couch and into the backyard. Staying outside will ensure that children get back in touch with nature in terms of their senses and which have been curbed by television and computers.

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