3 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Learn Better When Using Technology

Technology is everywhere and kids love it. Sometimes it’s difficult to get your child off the computer to eat a proper meal, and which is why parents tend reach for the ‘off’ button.


However, technology can be used as a more-than-useful teaching tool, thanks to certain attributes that it takes on in being more social, adaptive and customized.


With that said, here are 3 ways by which kids can learn using technology:


#1: Keep the Focus on Play

When children use technology to learn something new, make sure that the focus is not on developing new skill but instead as “play”. Let them explore the technology and the learning will take place on its own – you won’t have to do too much, thanks to their affinity for technology these days.


#2: Ask Questions throughout

Always ask questions about what they learned throughout the time your child spends in front of a screen. If you’re wondering what type of questions to ask, it should be about what they’re watching. Put them on the spot by asking what they thought about and if they would do the same.


#3: Focus on making it Tactile

While PCs require one to use a mouse to manipulate objects, this is twice as easy with tablets since they are touchscreen-based. As for the type of apps that are preferred, try ones that require them to use their hands to move objects around with the focus on encouraging learners to learn the tactile way.

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