3 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Make Friends

Having no friends can be painful for children but parents can help if they wish to. At least, they can step in until the point where their kids are old enough to make and keep friends of their own.

So, here are 3 things that you can do in order to help your child have a health social life right from the get go:

#1: Find out what the problem is

Children have different problems which prevents them from making friends. While shyness is one such reason, there are others such as issues with sharing, teamwork, playing fair or even bossing other kids around. It could also be that they’re distrustful or too sensitive as well. Getting to the root is what will help them make friends.

#2: Team them simple phrases

One of the easiest ways to help them make friends is to teach them simple phrases such as “What’s your favorite subject?” or even “What’s your name?”. Show your child how to join the group of children at the playground. Also, tell him or her to allow other children to join in as well.

#3: Meet up with other parents

If you get social with other parents, you can easily set up play-dates as well as after-school activities. But that’s not all – you can not only find out what kind of social skills is necessary for your child to make friends. After this, you can teach your child these social skills that they can mimic and succeed in the process.

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