3 Tips to Remember When Writing Your College Admissions Personal Statement

The college admissions personal statement is probably the most difficult document to write about – something that most students experience as they go through college.

Simply put, an admissions personal statement is an essay that present the committee with a personality apart from the test scores.

So, how does one write an essay that would be to their liking?

Here are 3 points to consider:

#1: Add weight by using examples

Making generalizations or even a bland list of accomplishments won’t impress anyone. However, one way to make these points you make work is by supporting your claims with examples. One way to do this is to avoid cliches as much as possible but also focus on using strong verbs and being very precise with your words.

#2: Write with feeling

Don’t try to guess what the university is looking for, and then write your personal statement accordingly. Instead, write with your heart. Don’t try using big words that will make you look odd but instead come across as a real person. The best essays are in fact those written with a certain warmth and individuality rather than sounding like a robot.

#3: Revise your essay a number of times

Most essays contain cliches and generic language but that’s not something you worry about. This is what makes revision so important. If you’re really smart, you’ll write your personal statement well in advance and revise a number of times over with fresh eyes and a new perspective too.

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