3 Addition and Subtraction Apps for Children

Without a doubt, a iPhone or iPad app can work to supplement your child’s education during the year or the holidays.

Better still, Math is a subject that most kids struggle with an aversion, it’s not such a bad idea to introduce them to these addition and subtraction apps

With that said, here are 3 addition and subtraction apps for children:

#1: Addition and Subtraction for Kids

Using furry creatures, simple graphics and bright colors, this app will teach children from age of four and above to add and subtract numbers. A child is given three options to choose the right answer based on the problem which is displayed, in terms of pictures. Best part: this app is free of cost.

#2: Math Bumpies HD – Adventure on Math Island

Your child will not only sharpen her addition and subtraction skills but will also enjoy an adventure on Math Island, where he or she gets to explore a shipwrecked beach, avoid shark-infested waters and visit the jewel cave. Each of these math problems her character is faced with is a part of the adventure itself. The app costs $1.99.

#3: Mad Math 4 Kids

This app focus completely on the operation of addition and subtraction, and does so, by means of solving a puzzle. With the objective of sharpening mental math skills based on a timer, the instructions are simple to follow while the interface is easy to use as well. It costs nothing and can be used by children of all ages.

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