Why Home School Education Popular To Parents

Why Home School Education Popular To Parents

Article by Zach Doherty – Clivir Team

Certainly, home school education programs has garner positive responses among parents. In America alone, the number of homeschooled students rise up to 2 million. This is very significant.

More and more parents are choosing to home school their children. As parents get to spend more time together with their children, they also have the opportunity to guide their children from studying, to doing their home works and help them realize their strengths and also their weaknesses. What is lacking with formal education is the personal touch that homeschooling provides. Moreover, parents can avoid untoward incidents from happening like bullying and other school related violence.

Home schooling encourages both parent and child to develop their communication and nurture a deeper relationship to each other. In addition, parents and children can choose and identify the most appropriate schedule of classes and the topics to be discussed. It is important not to limit the learning process at home. Try to go out once in a while to explore like going to museums and zoos so that children can understand better the world

Providing a conducive venue for children is as vital as his/her education. Though a formal classroom setup is not really required, find a place at home where you and your child will be comfortable to learn and study. It can be the garden especially when the topic is life sciences or the playground when studying about different parts of the body. Take into consideration the surrounding. Is it child – proof? What will my child learn from here? Planning ahead is vital in home school education.

The parent (as the teacher) must adopt good teaching and personal relations to the child (as the student) and inspire the child to be motivated and determined throughout the whole course. Test sheets and other tasks and activities will reflect the child’s progress and will determine in which area or topic that the parent and child should work harder. It is the best to involve your child to decision – making process and voice out their opinions. Both should work together and be open to suggestions. However, the parent has the bigger responsibility to teach this character to the child. By saying so, the parents will open the communication line to his/her child thus one of the best benefits of home schooling.

Yes, home schooling can be challenging. But it can also be rewarding. It improves relationship and bond. It facilitates familiarization with each other.

Although it might sound stressing, home-based education needs a lot of energy, hard work as well as creativity, patience and innovation. At the end of the day, we will be rewarded with children that are developed holistically and will succeed later on in life.

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