Try Fraction Worksheets to Help Your Struggling Child

Try Fraction Worksheets to Help Your Struggling Child

Article by Debra Proctor

Fraction worksheets can be a great help if you happen to be the parent of a child that is struggling with learning fractions. With free worksheets, you can save yourself time and money by printing these free homeschooling resources in place of buying more curriculum or workbooks.

Save Time

Your math curriculum covered fractions last year, but your child just didn’t seem to “get it.” It just didn’t seem to “click.”

This is frustrating — for you and your child. Before you consider repeating the entire math book or buying extra supplies, try fraction worksheets.

Chances are your child is having trouble in one particular area with fractions – finding the lowest common denominator, reducing to lowest terms, dividing etc. You know the area he needs extra work so your choice is to buy workbooks that cover the problem area or to make your own worksheets.

While you certainly can make your own worksheets, if you’re like most homeschool moms, you already have enough to do. Why not search the internet for fraction worksheets that cover the are you child needs extra work in?

By knowing exactly what your child needs to work on, you can search for specific worksheets that will fill that need and provide extra practice for your child. No need to spend time making your own.

Save Money

Home school curriculum gets expensive. You know that already. The last thing you need to do is spend extra money that wasn’t in your homeschooling budget on extra workbooks to re-teach a subject. To top it off, you won’t need most of the workbook, just the few pages it has on your child’s problem area.

Before you invest in any extra workbooks or curriculum, search fraction worksheets to see what you can find. You will find an amazing selection of free math worksheets that you can print off with no problem. You can even find a large selection of the exact area that your child needs extra workin.

A Change of Scenery

Just like a change of scenery does you good; it does the same for your children. Sometimes when children are having difficulty in a particular subject, they begin to hate the subject and the textbook.

This has the effect of “closing their mind” to learning what it is that you are trying to teach them.

By using fraction worksheets, it gives them a change. Instead of dragging out the dreaded textbook that they have come to associate with failure, they can have a wide selection of worksheets to choose from that are colorful and exciting. Sometimes this is enough to spark an interest in a child and open them up to giving a difficult subject a try.

Find worksheets that are bright, colorful, neat and professionally made. Don’t overwhelm your child by giving them worksheets that have too many problems crammed on one page or that simply has too many problems for them to work. Keep it light and interesting and you’ll see your child’s attitude change.

So begin your internet search for fraction worksheets to save yourself time, money, and give your child a much needed change of pace.

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