The Most Important Item That Your Student Will Take Away To School With Them

The Most Important Item That Your Student Will Take Away To School With Them

Article by Amanda Greene

Packing a child up and sending them away for the very first time can be extremely unnerving. Most parents try to hide the fear and hold back the tears at least long enough to get their child settled into their dorm room at their home away from home on campus at college. Then it is every man for himself and usually the ride back from dropping them off is a wet one.

There are many things that your student will need to take away with them to school. Surely they will need a laptop computer, a nice looking set of sheets and towels for their dorm room, and most likely they will have a minifridge and microwave on the list as well. While there are a variety of other decor items and of course, an endless number of books and school supplies your budding student will need, there is one item that every college student of today must have.

That item, in case you haven’t yet figured it out, is a cell phone. Having not only a cell phone but one with a reliable service that is unlimited, and offers not only phone calling and text messaging but internet access as well, is something that will likely prove itself to be quite valuable in the life of your student.

Cell phones of today are a lot more sophisticated than in the past, and these phones offer a wide variety of possibilities not only to go ahead and access the web but to also serve as a wireless hotspot for other devices too, which can be quite handy when spending time in your dorm room or at an off campus housing facility. And of course, possessing a cell phone means being able to call for help anytime, anywhere. This can provide both a student and their parents with the ability for anytime they need anything that they will be able to call for help or support at any moment they require it.

Actually when you are alone you aren’t if you have your cell phone in your pocket. You can use it to call for guidance, to get assignment information, or to contact emergency services. You can also get online with it and revise information on a social networking site or use it to get your laptop online when away from home. Irrespective of how you look at it a cell phone is the most effective tool that every college freshman should have in their pants pocket.

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