Making a Schedule For Home School Education

Making a Schedule For Home School Education

Article by helen mae quinn

If you have decided for a home school education, you must learn to make a schedule at home and balance the time you will spend with home school activities, household chores and leisure for the family. Since you have decided to go for this method of learning for your children, you have the responsibility to make a schedule that will not disturb and sacrifice their education. This might be very hard to do especially if you are just starting but you can follow these simple steps in making a schedule.

First of all, in making a weekly schedule for home school, you must list down what are the necessary things that you need to do or events that you have to attend. From Monday to Sunday, ask yourself whether you have certain outdoor activities that you need to attend to like shopping for your grocery, attending some meetings or participating in certain occasions. Knowledge of these outdoor activities is very significant in making the schedule.

The next thing that you have to do is to assess the energy level of your child. As a parent, you already know the time of the day where your child is very energetic. From what you have observed, you can make this time as your schedule for doing your lessons and book reading. Usually, it would happen in the morning as soon as your child has properly rested and eaten breakfast. You need to make sure that this will be the routine of your child for 5 days in a week.

Follow the subjects on the home school curriculum that you have planned for this year. In your schedule, divide the subjects accordingly throughout the week. It solely depends upon the time that you have planned but you have to make sure that you will take up all the subjects in a week. You can follow what is done on usual campuses wherein different subjects are taken every day. For instance, you can maybe spend two hours in a day for science and another two hours for Math.

You must not only make a schedule for doing pure reading and writing. Home school education must include your child to have a break and be involved in fun, play and other extra-curricular activities. Try to explore activities that will still arouse the interest of your children in learning. If you are learning about History and early civilizations then spend a half a day with your child in the museum. You must include outdoor activities so that your child will still be exposed to what is outside.

You can follow this very same schedule for next week but with different planned outdoor activities. Once you follow this schedule, your child will also form a habit in managing the time for studying, playing and helping out with household chores.

This is how you make a schedule from the home school curriculum that you have planned for your child. Having a schedule helps you organize the time that you will spend for home schooling.

Home school education is one of the methods that parents use today in providing the learning that their children need. If you want to home school your kids, you have to be ready for a lot of tasks that you need to do. Visit and learn more about your tasks and how you can handle them well.

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