How To Get Rid Of Head Lice-Nits Too

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice-Nits Too

Article by Bryon Zirker

A lesser amount of body lice is known in the United States. Some dandruff or other foreign materials may be mistaken for nits if not checked properly. The head lice can be seen on the hairs of the head, the body lice on clothes, and pubic lice on hairs near the groin. “Pediculiasis” is the term for lice infestation. This type of lice cannot survive on animals like cats or dogs and other home pets. Nits are lice eggs that are laid in clusters.

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice

The newly hatched eggs are almost transparent in color. They do not move away from their desired habitation. They cannot burrow the eggs into the scalp. About more than a 100 eggs are produced by the female louse with a rate of six eggs in one day. Using exceptional magnifying device, a growing nymph can be seen inside the egg.

Children, 13 years old and below are the much more affected group of individuals. It is to be expected this type of lice in recent times wandered to other continents or even some parts of the world. By means of the latest gathered lice samples, we can work out the rate of recurrence, geographic distribution and inherited variety of louse mitochondrial clades to find out the origin of the lice that belong to Clade B.


This is by slightly parting the hair a few centimeters of space and try to look for a live louse clinging to the hair near the scalp, also the areas of the ears and the neck, in particular. The infection is caused by the severe scratching of the head that lead to skin irritation. The hair should be combed section by section until the whole scalp has been checked and carefully observe the comb if there are living lice present in every slide on the hair.

Symptoms aside from itching are swollen glands found at the back of the neck; the hair produces foul odor and tiny, egg-shaped white spots is sticking to the hair shaft. Irrational fear of acquiring head lice and any other parasites develop in the minds of some people. All sensible attempts should be searched in identifying the reasons of these irritations and to classify the responsible living thing on the scalp or body.


You can use adhesive tape wrapped around your finger with the sticky side up. Once the lice were removed, there may be some nits left on the hair. Methods for eradicating head lice are referred to as “Delousing”. Wet hair decreases the lice’s agility and allows them to move slower and easier to pull out. Body lice clinging to the clothes can be washed out with the use of high heat.

It may cause harm rather than resolution. We cannot distinguish the dead nits from the live ones. Inform the school about lice thus they can perform a random check up of all the children. The medicine may be highly flammable. Lice cannot fine anything to hold on to. Do not use lice medication to infants if not prescribed by your physician. If necessary, it may be thrown away.

Some products cannot totally kill the lice, it only eliminates a few. Some preventative measures of lice attack for our children:

Advise the kids not to get in close contact with other children’s head anywhere they go

Never let the kids borrow or share their private belongings such as head bands, hair brush, handkerchiefs, caps and bonnets and even earphones with anyone else, even to people no lice

Keep coats and hats in separate hangers at home and at school. These lice really are not easy to bring to an end. Check the members of the family who’s got close contact to the person infested every 3 days. Study How To Get Rid Of Head Lice carefully and understand their behavior.

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