Homeschooling and Online Tutoring

Homeschooling and Online Tutoring

Article by Mark Justice

In the United States, you will find that the number of families homeschooling their children are growing every year. Whether it is because class sizes in the public schools are getting too large or the price of private education is getting too high, many parents are skipping organized education and are opting to be their child’s primary and secondary teacher themselves. However, outside assistance when homeschooling can be beneficial to both students and parents, especially as the student gets older and the subjects become more difficult and advanced. This is where online tutoring can play an important role.

When it comes to the education of the home schooled student, online tutoring can open doors that might not be possible otherwise. In many cases, online tutoring can actually teach the student a subject that the parent is unable to teach, due to lack of knowledge or skill in that subject area. Not only can the student learn a subject through the online coursework, but they can also get the traditional homework help through tutoring that they will need to succeed and pass the course.

You cannot look at online tutoring as just for the students, however. Parents of home schooled students are benefiting from these programs everyday, too. Whenever the parents need to “freshen up” on a subject that they took 15 years ago, or when they just need a better understanding of the subject their child is learning, online tutoring can successfully fill that need.

Variety is sometimes called the spice of life, too, and online tutoring can give that to a student who is home schooled. With most learning coming straight from a textbook, worksheet or verbally from the parent, an online tutor adds another mode of learning to the mix. Giving the students an interactive experience online can help them to retain the information learned, instead of forgetting it immediately.

Not only will the mode of learning be different, but so will the teacher. When online tutoring services are used, the home schooled student will be working with a professional educator right in their own computer room! This is a better way of learning, as the student will be shown how to do problems or learn about events in the method of two very different individuals: the parent and the professional educator.

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