Home Schooling Basics

Home schooling is the best way to educate your children, if you are up for the job. The best situation would be for one or both parents to be home all day, with one parent free to be able to devote a lot of time teaching the children. If both parents work outside of the home, forget home schooling, because the odds are that it won’t work out. If your child is kindergarten age and just getting ready to progress to the next level of 1st Grade, it will be fairly easy for both the parent and the child to become used to the process. As children get older, and the curriculum becomes much broader, the parent will need to invest extra time in research to further enhance the learning process. However,as a parent, before you do anything, meditate for a while on these 2 questions; Do I have the patience and the skills to home school my child? and Will I be willing to invest the extra time to make sure my children are properly educated?

lf after careful consideration you are able to answer yes to the 2 questions,and have decided that home schooling will work for your living situation, then you can go on to the next step. Make sure that if you are new to home schooling that you start this whole process months in advance of your home schooling start date.

The next step is to find out what the laws are pertaining to home schooling in your state. All states allow home schooling, but a few discourage it. You may have to complete and sign some documents, and there might be a permit involved. Do not for any reason think that you can skip this step, because if you do, it will only create problems for you and complications for your children later on.

After you have been approved by your state to home school, you need to start gathering information and start asking questions. If you’re a parent that is new to home schooling,there are a couple of guide books available that are a must read!

Once you get your hands on one of the home schooling guide books that are available, you can easily go on from this point. In the book that you choose, you will learn where and how to create an area for the home school,and the firm rules that go along with it. You will learn how to get organized like a real school teacher.

The home schooling guide book that you choose will also provide you with recources of where to find the yearly student learning packages and cirriculum for each grade level for each child.

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