Home Schooling An Elementary Age Child

Home Schooling An Elementary Age Child

Article by Shawn Snyder

Parents start teaching their child the first moment that the baby makes its first cry. The baby is taught that a cry will bring mom and dad to take care of the needs it has. How to get fed and clean diapers are the first lessons we teach our children, during toddlerhood parents teach the child how to walk and talk. All of these skills we teach our child to do without any second thought or thinking we need to bring outside help in. With teaching these life skills tucked underneath our belts, parents should have the confidence that if desired, you will be able to teach academics to your child for it will not be that big of a step from what you are already doing.

Teaching an elementary age child is nothing more then continuing what you have been doing and just adding to it. Before your child becomes close to school age you are probably doing things with them that are educational but the attention is on the fun of doing the activity instead of being concerned about fitting it into a scope and sequence formula. Looking at how an activity is educational is not wrong but stripping the joy out of doing the activity is. Keep the fun and joy in learning and your job will be so much easier over the next twelve years.

Looking at the activities that you might be doing with your child before they start school might help you to see that home schooling will not be that big of a leap for you. Library activities are very popular to do with preschool kids, story time, movie parties and arts and crafts happen in community libraries across the country. Community sports such as pee wee leagues are another popular thing for young kids to be involved in. Believe it or not I just covered a major part of an educational program for your child, now all we need is a fun math game to play and hands on science program.

Would you agree that if the child covered reading, math, science, arts & music along with physical activity your elementary aged child would be getting a great education. You can also easily introduce history, spelling and English and do all of this very economically by using community and online sources. It takes some of the fear away to realize that there is no magic that happens when the child turns six and heads off to the big school building. In fact, that school has limitations that you will not encounter when educating your child. You can alter and personalize the learning for your individual child that the schools simply can not do.

So remember when it comes to home schooling your elementary aged child all you have to do is continue with the activities that you enjoyed during their preschool years and add some more educational games and activities. You can customize your child’s learning more to fit their learning style and your schedule. Most of all keep “schooling” fun and your child can’t help but to learn.

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