Home school and college admissions

Home school and college admissions

Article by Gautam Punjabi

When it is time for children to enter into a reputed college or a university, parents often fear if their children will get selected, especially those parents who home school.

A home schoolers college education becomes a question mark without a transcript. During recent times, college admission process for home schoolers has become easier. Nowadays, even the finest of the universities do not demand a high school diploma or a transcript for giving admission to a suitable and deserving homeschooler.

The common requirements for home schoolers to get admitted include a well-prepared portfolio, homemade transcript, recommendation letter, SAT or ACT scores, entrance exam scores, interview and written essays. Parents who home school should take the initiative to find the best university where their children can fit in. Homeschoolers can get information about the top universities or colleges that accept them. Many websites list out the top universities that consider homeschoolers for admission. Once you choose your preference it’s important to keep a track of the deadline drawn by the University for admissions, entrance exam, SAT exams etc.

Parents do their best to provide quality education to their children in a home school environment in order to ensure that they succeed in academics as well as other aspects. There is a lot of competition in getting admitted into a well renowned college or university. Submitting a high school diploma or transcript is a major admission factor in most of the colleges and universities. Most of the reputed and famous universities are happy to accept home schoolers, as they believe that they are enthusiastic and crave for learning by researching on their own. Getting admission in a top notch university or college will be a simple task if all the requirements put forth by the college admission officers are met.

Normally, parents who home school their children face lot of challenges and one major challenge for them is to prepare their children to enter into a well renowned college or university. Since parents are the tutors for their children, the responsibility of maintaining accurate records of home school education is essential. The policies and guidelines outlined by the top most universities should be known well in advance so that homeschoolers can have everything ready and prepare themselves for the admission process. Homemade transcripts can be prepared in such way that they are presentable and impressive. Test scores, project remarks etc can be recorded in home school record keeping software applications which will help college admission officers or admission counselors to evaluate the academic performance of homeschoolers.

Recommendation letters would be an added advantage for homeschoolers. A coach from your football team or a leader in a community service group who has known you for a certain period of time would be the apt person from whom u can receive a letter of recommendation. Normally, college admission officers do not consider recommendation letters written by tutors, as most of them are parents who home school their children. These letters would assist the admission counselors to evaluate your personality and other qualities. Being a homeschooler, if the child is very interactive and has contact with a circle of community leaders, coaches, sponsors then it would be more helpful. College admission counselors consider the recommendation letters written by parents to be biased.

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