Finding The Most Appropriate Homeschooling Curriculum For Your Kids

Finding The Most Appropriate Homeschooling Curriculum For Your Kids

Article by Zach Doherty – Clivir Team

According to child experts, the formative years are very critical to the child’s growth and development. This is the stage where the child’s values and morals are formed. This stage is crucial because the brain of the child is compared to a sponge wherein the child, who is too eager to explore and discover the world, will absorb almost anything and everything that he/she is exposed to.

As a parent, it is very important to guide the child from the places that the kids go to, to the food they eat, the information received by the kid and the people they talk to. Thus, homeschooling is more preferred by parents these days. Since parents stand as teachers, they get to customize the lectures and the teaching approach. Homeschooling protects children from violence and school related accidents.

When planning for your home based education curriculum, the first thing to do is set a list of objective and expectations from the child. List down what the child find interesting and boring. Assess your child’s learning needs especially his or her habits and communication skills. You can list down of the things that you think your child need and incorporate what your child likes. Make learning simple. Example, when teaching your child mathematics, together you can count toys and building blocks. Keep the lessons interactive and maintain a child friendly environment.

To serve as guide, there are curriculum online that you can download or purchase. It will serve as guide for you to teach your child according to topics and not by random. Through this, you avoid repetitive discussions.

The internet is a great source for free and paid educational materials for you to use in teaching. Some of these are discounted, on sale or even free. However, it is recommended to review the materials first or to read forum posts regarding the teaching materials before buying or downloading to save time and money. Make sure that the materials and documents are legitimate, updated and fits your home school program for your child.

The following websites offer good home school education services online. Here, you can find materials, curriculum and visual aids to help you conduct home school education a success:

1. Letshomeschool.Com

2. Abchomepreschool.Com

3. Splashesfromtheriver.Com

4. The Back Pack Proudly – sells new and second hand text books, curriculum packages, science videos, worksheets and writing guides

5. UsedHomeSchoolBooks.Com

6. Best Homeschool Buys – sells second hand home school books

7. Educational Accents Book Store

It will be great if you’ll find a child friendly curriculum with colorful and interactive packages. The same principle applies when searching for educational toys and board games. You can also look for or create your own self – review and monitoring sheets to evaluate you and your child’s academic performance. Bulk orders are also cheaper. Patiently browse your credible websites that provides discounts or offer sales on various items.

Whatever material or curriculum you want to use, be sure that it fits your children academic needs. Guide your child well and be sensitive to your child’s needs.

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