Figuring Out How to Choose Homeschooling Curriculum

Figuring Out How to Choose Homeschooling Curriculum

Article by Binford Noto

More and more parents are making the choice to teach their kid at home. Homeschooling has long been thought of as only for strict religious homes. Homeschooling is now being chosen by all types of families. There are alot of curriculums to choose from these days too. Having internet access has made all of these choices possible. Can you determine the best course of curriculum for your kids? You will want to heed these ideas as you go through each process.

Unschooling is, by far, the most relaxed and variable type of homeschooling curriculum. With this curriculum your kids get to teach themselves while developing their own curriculum focusing on their interests and natural instincts. Technically speaking, unschooling is not actually homeschooling since that, by definition, follows a set lesson plan and curriculum. This method gives your kids the independence to learn how, when and what they want. The best part is that you as the parent get to take a hands off approach to your children’s learning. Parent who have used this method often rave about it but also warn that applying for scholarships, admission to college and taking the SAT’s is a challenge.

The government and state will send out standardized tests that even homeschooled kids are required to take. There are days set aside for these tests in the “traditional” schools. Before administering the tests at home, check with your local school board to make sure that your child isn’t required sit in a school classroom first. There might even be days when local homeschooled kids are required to take the test together. To get help with figuring out your approach to the yearly standardized tests, contact your local school board.

From time to time, one of the ideal methods for selecting your curriculum for home schooling is to put some money toward boxed sets for a variety of lesson plans. You can benefit with some structure added to your day and your lesson plans, form the boxed sets. Generally, they are packed with books and other teaching materials, which will assist you in saving some time when you need to decide on your method for a specific unit or lesson plan. If you feel that your ideas are better, a nice thing about the boxed set is you don’t have to use everything-you can pick and choose. You also don’t need to rely entirely on the boxed set for your curriculum, because you can choose sets for the subjects that you haven’t already put into your curriculum.

You don’t have to get stressed out about deciding which home schooling curriculum to go with. With some looking into (both through your own investigations and knowledge from friends who do home schooling) you should be able to decide on a method that works excellent for you and your kids.

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