College Not Right For You? Try A Vocational School!

College Not Right For You? Try A Vocational School!

Article by Erin Malone

If there was ever a more opposite pair of siblings in the world than me and my sister, I would be shocked! Although we came from the exact same background and grew up in the same house under the same rules, we were totally different. Perhaps we varied most greatly in the education department.

Growing up, I can remember always wanting to be the best at whatever I did. When I was in a school play, I wanted to be the lead. If I was learning a new sport, I had to be the all-star. Although my sister preferred to blend into the background, she was very smart. I could not understand why she did not want to make it on the school’s honor roll or participate in science fairs.

As we are only 13 months apart, we spent our time in high school together. I was younger, but I had advanced one grade in elementary school, so we were slated to graduate at the same time. I applied to all of the schools I could find with a great medical or nursing program in the state. I was lucky enough to receive a full ride academic scholarship to a great school just three hours from my home.

After graduating from high school, I enrolled in the best public university in the state. I was able to utilize my full academic scholarship there and enroll in nursing courses. While I was studying and learning, my sister was back at home waiting tables in a local restaurant just getting by on tips and a high school diploma.

After my first year of college was complete, I moved home for the summer. I spent the summer completing an internship program recommended by my university. I worked in a hospital assisting nurses and observing their everyday work. I finally convinced my sister to enroll in community college classes through bribing her. Unfortunately, my parents and I could not keep her in school, and she dropped out after just one semester of community college.

After spending four years earning my Bachelor’s in nursing degree, I accepted a position at a local hospital working as an emergency room nurse. I was proud of the work I did, helping patients receive comfort in care when they needed it the most. I talked my sister into volunteering at my hospital in order to see how great a professional career can be. She finally looked into some vocational schools that required a few months of training.

I was glad to see that the days she spent volunteering at my hospital made an impact on her as she chose her certificate program; she would become an ultra sound technician is just a few short months of training. Although she did not enjoy her general education classes, training for an ultra sound tech involved only taking courses that applied to her specific interests.

About the Author

Although traditional online degree programs are not for everybody, they do lead to solid careers. My sister and I are proof that you can come from different educational backgrounds and still find a niche within the same industry. Although we have very different positions within the medical field, we both enjoy the satisfaction of knowing we have made a difference in the lives of our patients at very important times in their lives. You can find out more about our educational paths by researching as well as certification careers.

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