After School Clubs: Way To Teach French, Spanish & English To Kids

After School Clubs: Way To Teach French, Spanish & English To Kids

Article by John Ellis

In the UK, after school clubs have emerged as the number 1 choice of parents and guardians for teaching Spanish, French, and English to their children. The after school clubs incorporate several fun and interesting ways to teach French, Spanish, and English thereby making the entire learning process quick and effective for children.

The after school clubs use informal, yet highly effective means and methods to teach French and Spanish to children. For example, most after school clubs use funny songs, stories, games, and crafts to teach French words, vocabulary, grammar rules, and pronunciation of words to children.

The kids are made to listen to songs and stories in French and Spanish, and play games, solve puzzles, and quizzes in French and Spanish respectively. By making the kids participate in several such activities, the after school clubs stimulate the brains of the young learners and direct the learning process.

Other than these, the after school clubs provide Spanish worksheets and French worksheets to test the language skills and abilities of the kids. The Spanish worksheets and French worksheets contain several exercises that help kids practice what they have learnt so far and thereby acquire a strong hold on the language rules and grammar. Identifying pictures, writing words using the correct letters, and forming sentences are few of the activities that the after school clubs use for honing the language skills of the nascent learners.

Those of you who want to teach French or teach Spanish or teach English to their kids from home, may use the online resources provided by the after school clubs. Most after school clubs offer whiteboard compatible resources for teaching French, Spanish, and English to children from home, as well as, from schools.

The online resources come with all the necessary teaching tools and equipment, such as songs, stories, games, and several other interesting activities, downloadable MP3 sound bites, printable Spanish worksheets, French worksheets, English worksheets, phonics instruction plans, lesson plans, photographs, and lot more to help you teach French, or Spanish, or English to your kids.

One such after school club that is worth mentioning is LCF Clubs. It is one of the largest after school clubs in the UK with over 3000 franchises and 40,000 children attending the classes every day. LCF Clubs uses the best and the latest teaching methods for teaching French, Spanish, and English to kids.

At LCF Clubs, kids enjoy their French and Spanish classes and quickly learn to read, write, and speak the language with fluency and confidence.

For complete details about this after school club, or to know the procedure for enrolling your kid, you may log on to Those who wish to work from home to teach Spanish to children or French and English to children may also visit the website as this after school club offers its franchise for sale.

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