8 Benefits And 3 Disadvantages of Home Schooling

8 Benefits And 3 Disadvantages of Home Schooling

Article by Nic Haffner

There are more than one reason why more and more parents choose home schooling instead of the traditional schools; the benefit of home schooling is when your child is able to succeed in life and you know you had a little bit to do with those achievements.

While kome schooling is legal in USA, there have been and still are many controversies on the issue of whether or not the child is benefiting from this kind of education. The issue is still being debated and even a banning of this practice may be applied if enough evidence is found that children do not actually benefit from it. So, what are the benefits we have seen so far?

8 Benefits of Home Schooling

Some of the most common reasons why parents are using home schooling for their children are:

1. Mentally or physically challenged children who cannot attend normal school anyway and parents for whatever reason refuse to send them to special designed schools, will normally benefit from home schooling.

2. The benefit of parents having direct supervision on what the child is studying first hand.

3. Provide overall safety of the child at all times

4. For single parents who works at home it might be beneficial and convenient to take up the child’s education as well.

5. The greatest benefit of home schooling, which almost every parent will agree with, is the achievements of one’s child. When you see that your efforts and teaching have finally paid off and your child can receive its home schooling curriculum.

6. Keeping up the bonding between parent and child that some parents lose when the child goes away to school

7. Home schooling means teaching and leaning experience for both parent and their child every day

8. An issue which many parents value, is the results for which the parent or parents are directly to praise or blame.

3 Disadvantages Of Home Schooling

While the benefit of home schooling may seem overwhelming and worth the trouble there are also a few disadvantages to take in consideration:

1. The child missing on interacting with kids his or her own age. This is probably one of the main disadvantages of home schooling

2.Parents may overdo the teacher’s role by either being too strict or by being too lenient

3. Parents may lack sufficient skills like academic knowledge or teaching ability

Those who have already are convinced of the benefits and chosen home schooling for their children and family, will have to do the best they can and trust that they will reap the benefit of home schooling in the end. Others that are not so convinced but are still debating about it, must make sure to take all angles in consideration before making the choice. Be aware that the benefit of home schooling that you are hoping for may not turn out to be what you thought in the end. This might leave both you and your child with a lifetime scar.

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