3 Tips to Writing a Better Personal Statement

While your grades clearly identify whether you will make the cut or not but there’s another fact that breathes life into these grades.


The personal statement, if you will.


As obvious, it lends personality to your profile as a prospective student of any university, and a document that must not be ignored.


So, here are 3 tips that can help you in writing a better personal statement:


#1: Be specific and support your ideas with examples


Writing an entire list of your achievements is probably one of the worst mistakes you can make. Alternatively, if the school asks you a pointed question about why you want to attend that schol, then you should be as specific as possible while expressing your ideas with examples at all times.


Avoid cliches and use strong verbs to indicate energy are aspects that must be taken into consideration as well


#2: Write with your heart


What counselors look for are a glimpse of the individual themselves in the personal statement and which is why one of the most important aspects of writing one involves writing it with heart – and not just loading it with six syllable words that don’t necessarily ring true with your profile.


What your personal statement should convey is warmth and individuality, to say the least.


#3: Draft, revise and redraft


To expect a personal statement to be perfect at the first attempt would be unrealistic, and which is why it would be wise set aside some time for revising and redrafting your personal statement so that it gives the academic counselor an accurate picture of who you really are, and whether you fit in with the values of the school.

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