3 Simple Ways to Communicate Effectively with your Child’s Teacher

According to numerous studies, it has been shown that when parents and teachers communicate better, so do the children.

While house nights have been designed for this purpose, the problem is that it isn’t enough as the teacher has to talk all parents, and cannot focus on one child’s parents’, in particular.

Yet despite this fact, it’s very common to see this simple thing overlooked by most parents. So here are 5 simple ways by which you can communicate with your child’s teacher:

#1: Avoid blame

Be careful to avoid assigning blame using the words such as “You do…” and “You don’t…”. Instead, start with “I think” or “I feel”. This is for the simple reason that communication is always fruitful when blame is eliminated or minimized.

#2: Create goals for your child and come prepared

It’s a good idea to create goals for your child and what he will do at home with your help. In fact, if are prepared with this list before the conversation that will help the talk more organized while also being able to express fully what your child needs. It also works as a way to obtain both the child’s and teacher’s inputs.

#3: Listen to him or her

While you might have a lot to talk about with the teacher, and which includes your child’s needs and strengths, it’s also a good idea to listen carefully to what the teacher has to offer as well. Make eye contact, nod your head in affirmation, smile when appropriate but most importantly, don’t interrupt. If possible, also feel free to recognize the teacher’s contribution to your child’s life.

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