Traditional High School Diploma Versus Online High School Diploma

Traditional High School Diploma Versus Online High School Diploma

Article by J.J. Yong

In the real business world, a High School Diploma is considered the basic requirement for a person to enter into the job market. If you haven’t completed your high school education, it is time for you to consider getting the diploma for yourself. You may be in the midst of considering whether to take up a traditional diploma course or an online program. Here are some important points you need to consider.

I am here to share with you my personal viewpoints.

* Online schools have offered entirely different study option for people. You can just sit comfortably at home to complete your course without traveling to the campus every day. A high-speed computer and a good internet connection are sufficient for you. You just need to follow the course outline and course materials provided by the school closely. Then you need to complete all the course works and sit for the test. Once you have gone through the whole process, you will be able to obtain your diploma. It sounds simple, right? For me, if you can study on your own without any lecturers’ assistance and administrative support, study online will be an ideal option for you.

* On the other hand, if you can’t focus on your study completely when you are at home, online learning will not be a wise choice for you. You need to go back to traditional school to attend classes regularly. You need personal contact and actual lecturers to present in front of you. You need them to guide you on your study. Frankly speaking, there are certain subjects such as mathematics and English which may be hard for you to comprehend without the presence of the lecturers.

* How fast do you want to complete your diploma program? Some people may want to complete their study earlier, say within a few months or a few weeks. For traditional schools, the students are required to follow the fixed schedule. No changes can be made. However, online schools provide flexible study schedule to the students. They offer fast track programs which enable the students to complete the coursework and receive their diploma according to the own timetable.

* To be frank, older generations feel uncomfortable to take classes in the traditional schools. They refuse to learn together with younger generations. They dislike peer pressure too. If this is the case, online schools will be a better option for them.

* For some working adults, course fee is their main concern. If you have limited budget, studying online will help you to save a lot of costs. In general, the course fee for online diploma is always lower than the traditional one. Besides, the tutorial fee is also more economical. For people who have a lot of commitments in life, getting the diploma through internet will definitely reduce their financial burden.

To sum up, although online learning is very popular nowadays, you are reminded to ask yourself honestly whether this type of learning style is really suitable for you or not. Online learning requires a lot of self-discipline and determination. If you don’t have strong self-control, taking online diploma might not be suitable for you. Think twice before making your decision.

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