The Advantages of a Home School Association

The Advantages of a Home School Association

Article by Luvi Marie

If you have made the decision to have your child home schooled then you have already crossed a major milestone in your child’s future. Now all you need is more information. What does it mean to be home schooled? Can I home school my child? What are the rules regarding home schooling? What information does the state need in order for my child to be legally home schooled? Is there a curriculum for home schooling or do I have to create my own? What department in the state government do I contact? Is there any specific tax implications? What impact will this have on my child?

So many questions and all you really want are answers. Once again that magical new age networking tool (the web) has come to the rescue and allowed the growth in popularity of the concept of the home school association.

There is no one central all-knowing home school association as the federal government leaves the administration of the educational laws to each state so there would be no one central federal agency. Since the federal government has not offered a central place for home school parents to get information the internet has stepped in and allowed many different home school associations to pop up that are designed to help parents that are considering having their child home schooled.

Some states have access to their own home school association that is a valuable resource for parents. However, other groups have decided to construct their own informational website to go along with such resources as regular home school magazines and the volumes of information offered by the state governments.Getting to Know You

In this day and age many parents fear sending their children to public or private schools as the number of school violence incidents is on the rise and as crime and gang activity find their ways into more and more schools, parents are taking their kids out. But home schooling is not as simple as it sounds and it can get quite complicated. That is where a home school association comes in very handy.

A home school association can not only have the resources you need all in one website but they can also help connect you with other home school parents and home school professionals in your area so you can start to get some real answers to your questions. There is nothing more helpful than someone with experience and a home school association can help connect you with the right people so you get your answers.

Our violent society is causing more parents to rethink the idea of traditional education and making the concept of home schooling very popular. But home schooling can get very complicated and there is the potential to break the law if you don’t follow the laws set up by your state. A home school association can get you started and get you the information you need.

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