Secular Home School: Should you Home School Your Children?

Secular Home School: Should you Home School Your Children?

Article by Miranda Concagh

Should you home school your child? For many parents the answer is based on religious beliefs, and that is certainly understandable. But what if you are considering teaching your child at home and your reasons are not religious? Then you would consider secular home schooling. Either way, there are serious factors to consider before making a decision. And there are many options open to you.

What are your reasons? Perhaps you see your child slipping through the cracks in a public school. Or maybe you want to give her the unique opportunity to progress at her own pace. Some parents want to give special attention to subjects uniquely meaningful to their child and don’t feel public schools are filling their needs. Should you homeschool your children? These are but a few of the reasons you might want to.

Violence in the public schools and escalating promiscuous behavior are other concerns parents have noted. Many have reported children being bullied or subjected to obscene sexual advances. Still other parents just want more quality time with their children and the bonding homeschooling provides.

Before you start assigning homework to your children, you need to do your own homework.

Are you a person who avoids commitment? If so, secular home schooling is probably not for you. But since you are investigating what is involved by reading articles such as this one, you are probably very serious minded and not afraid of hard work. And for that we commend you! Yes, there is much work and commitment, but also a great deal of satisfaction, joy and fun!

You will have so much more time with your children. This is time that you will always cherish and will never regret. Use your imagination. Plan outings, educational games, physical exercise. You will find it is a wonderful adventure and a lifetime experience.

Should you home school your child? I hope this helps you make your decision. We all know that parenting is a full-time commitment. Don’t be afraid to take it to the next level if you feel that secular homeschooling is a viable alternative for your family.

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Miranda Concagh home schooled 3 of her children who all went on to receive college degrees.

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