Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

Article by Veronica Scott

Home schooling is a viable option now for both parents and kids. There are many varying opinions on this form of learning. Some feel that it is not a good choice while others are encouraging it. Whether or not home schooling is right for your children is up to you. Taking a look at the pros and cons of home schooling might help you make the decision. It’s important to get your kids involved in this type of decision making as well.

One con of home schooling is that it does not allow kids an awful lot of interaction with other children. Activities like recess and after school sports are missed out on as well as fun stuff like field trips. Kids do need to spend time with others their own age. It wouldn’t be healthy to spend all of their time at home.

A pro is that there is more free time available when home schooling to work on other things. For example, some kids may complete their daily workload in less time than they would in a structured classroom. This allows them the rest of the day to do what they like or get ahead in their school work.

Slacking off may be a big con. When there is no teacher to scold you, it may become easier to slack off on the work being done. Being at home comes with temptations such as the television or the internet. Some kids may find that they are just too distracted to work and learn effectively at home.

The ability to learn at your own pace is certainly a pro. Not everyone learns at the same rate of success. Very fast or very slow learners might find they really prefer to work at home because it allows them to set the pace rather than struggling to match the class outlined pace. This is especially helpful when it comes to those problem areas that slow some people down. Being able to stop and work through it makes a big difference.

There are many great aspects associated with school that could be missed if one were to learn at home. Prom is one big part of school that many spend years looking forward to. Missing the prom is just one thing. Sports and other extra curricular projects that one does through school, such as yearbook, do not exist at home.

Parents might find that they are happier with the kids learning at home because it gives them a chance to be more involved in their child’s development and learning process. This can be beneficial for parents and kids since it eliminates the void of parents not knowing what their kid is doing at school. It also gives parents the chance to be part of teaching their kids rather than handing the reigns over to someone else.

Choosing to home school is a big decision. Make to involve your kids in it and allow them to think over the options. The choice should be something you make together.

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