Is Using Home-School Or Preschool Techniques To Your Childs Advantage?

Is Using Home-School Or Preschool Techniques To Your Childs Advantage?

Article by Clive Jenkins

The idea of Home school is growing incredibly, and today they begin with preschool. Amongst the many reasons are transportation, cost, effective time management, special needs, religion and a lack of confidence in the conventional schooling system. When considering home school preschool you want to ask yourself a number of select questions relating to both you and your child.

Personality Appraisal

Standing back and appraising the personality of your child is a tremendous factor in preschool home school. This can go a far way to deciphering their greatest preschool goals. Are they outgoing and integrate and communicate well in social interactions, or are they the loner? Are they constantly looking for playmates or are they content with the contact they have with neighbors and siblings? All of these are questions you will need to ask yourself.

The flip side of the coin to this is you, the parent in the roll of teacher. Do you have the patience to repeat the same thing time and time again before your student thoroughly understands the various aspects they will learn in home school preschool? Naturally, you love your child unconditionally; though evaluate yourself realistically at this level of patience. Are you home schooling for the convenience, or for another reason?

Time And Commitment

Are you prepared to spend 2-3 hours for 2-3 days a week providing home school preschool for your child? There are numerous activities you will have to be part of during this time. This is an area you will need to be extremely honest with yourself on. Will you be able to dedicate this time without exception or distraction to teach your child? Be sure you will complete this important task before you begin.

Curriculum and Materials

As with all home school there are many sources for preschool supplies, and there are as many resources from other ‘home-scholars’. Upon looking them over online and offline; will you enjoy these activities on a steady basis with your child, and can you keep with them for the whole preschool year? Can you afford them? You will need at least some materials that aren’t likely to be free, and potentially a well prepared professional curriculum may cost you much more.

Group Relations And Interaction

Part of preschool, home school or otherwise is getting your child started interacting with other children. When you take on the home school preschool task, you will need to bring this to your activities as well. Often ‘home-schoolers’ in a community can work together to have things to fill this conventional schooling gap. This is where the children learn to wait in line, and taking turns.

Child Care Needs

Home school preschool will require thorough and dedicated attention to your preschooler. Do you have the necessary arrangements for childcare for your other children during times when you need to focus on the one that is in home school preschool? While at times you may manage to accomplish both roles, there will be times where that might not be feasible.

After Everything Being Said And Done

Overall, home school preschool may be the best preschool experience you can give your child. Think carefully to be very certain of this. If after careful thought you feel it won’t work out, it’s wise to choose other methods. Though if you are sure of the task, do your very best and you stand to give your child a better experience since you care.

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