Information Marketing is the Emerging Mega Trend of the Decade for Home Business

Information Marketing is the Emerging Mega Trend of the Decade for Home Business

Article by Dr. Neela R. Soman

Position in front of an Emerging (or capitalizes on an emerging Megatrend by positioning early in front of the Information Marketing industry which is currently driven by 8-10 major global trends. As Peter Drucker in a Forbes article has recently pointed out, Information Marketing or Webucation (web education) has emerged as a ‘mega trend’ opening up an exploding market worth more than 0 billion. The global exponential growth of the Internet has created a huge market of more than 1 billion users. Online education has become a global trend in these days, connecting people from any corner of the globe through rapid development of sophisticated technology. has positioned itself in front of this emerging trend to market internet-empowered educational products on Self Development or life skill sets and Financial Literacy as powerful streaming audios and videos delivered to millions of people all over the globe by the click of a mouse. In addition, the business also focuses on having exclusive rights to marketing on-site workshops and seminars conducted at worldwide resort areas and chaired by top world class experts on the same topic of wealth creation and personal development at unbelievable discounted prices.

Major global trends drive the Information Marketing IndustryCurrently, the market is driven by ever increasing number of global trends. To name a few: imminent retirement of baby boomers looking for financial freedom, globalization of economy, broadband internet technology facilitating streaming video and audio information exchange, online marketing, lean workforces in the corporate world due to outsourcing of most technology jobs overseas, the ever-increasing pursuit of quality life by the majority of the workforce, etc. Such factors play a pivotal role in the turning of job seekers to the Internet and to Webeducation as the preferable medium of business to achieve financial freedom.

As retirement approaches, uncertainty prevails, and more than 90% of the workforce turns to the internet looking for a home business opportunity in order to achieve their dreams of financial security and peace of mind. Baby boomers constitute a large fraction of those approaching retirement age, and they are actively seeking to secure financial freedom. Information is the driving force in today’s online market. Internet and broadband phone technology is revolutionizing information exchange on a global basis, with direct impact on Information Marketing Industry.

As the jobs are getting scarce and the outsourcing phenomena is taking a big chunk of opportunities overseas, people in the homeland are facing increasing workloads and stressful situations in the corporate world. More and more people are seeking a way out, looking for financial freedom and quality of life to go hand in hand. Work-at-home moms and dads and home education of children are on the rise as attempts to raise both quality of life and standards of education, in addition to providing for a safer environment to bring up kids.

Majority of Population Seeking Financial FreedomAs the baby boomers are getting ready for retirement en masse with dwindling hopes of nest egg benefits to assure a carefree living, more and more people are turning to internet, seeking potential opportunities to accelerate financial freedom in the imminent future. In addition, globalization of world market, sophisticated internet technology boom facilitating streaming video and audio information exchange, ease of online marketing and trading, phasing out of workforces in the corporate world due to overseas outsourcing of most of the high skill jobs, the ever-increasing pursuit of quality life by the majority of the workforce, ever increasing desire for both time and financial freedom among family members where both parents often have to strive hard to meet the escalating cost of living, etc. all these factors compound to drive the majority of the working population to the internet seeking financial breakthrough opportunities. In addition, increasing violence sprouting even in once-thought-safe grounds of schools prompts many moms and dads to turn to home schooling option for their children. Web education is getting popular among students, and in many cases, students benefit from direct one-on-one interaction with their mentors.

High Quality Products As a Strong Foundation for capitalizes on the emerging trends and offers a way out for those who seek flexibility in work and time and a legitimate opportunity to boost their net worth. The strong educational platform offered by (and, including video, audio and text materials, as well as live seminars conducted by world’s leading experts on financial literacy and self development, is touted as “a complete guide to success… everything you need to be financially wise, investment savvy, relationship balanced and harmoniously happy.”

The onsite products offered by (or include exclusive tickets to international conferences and workshops on Self and Wealth Mastery, conducted by top world class experts in the field and boot camp seminars to members in the form of super Saturday events. These seminars and workshops are generally held in exotic vacation areas such as Hawaii, Aruba, etc. To quote a happy customer, “this is the education that should be taught in schools. Everything I need is in one place. I think that the value is great and the product is worth ten times more than the price. How do you put a price on information that you really need every day?” The best part is that provides an outlet to gain entry into these fabulous workshops at unbeatable discounted price resulting in thousands and thousands of dollars in savings. In addition, the lack of inventory and overhead expenses allows a 75% commission to go directly to the distributor. Some of the products are bundled together with additional discounts for one time purchase. and offer valuable programs to people of all ages and backgrounds regardless of their skill sets and financial status. The purpose of these programs is quoted as “..about creating financial, personal and spiritual balance, and going through life with peace of mind The perfect gift to give to everyone you really care about!.” represents a seventeen year old internet publishing company as the parent company which specializes in marketing home study educational products and seminars on Financial Mastery and Self Development. The parent company is a well-established reputed global business enterprise currently involving at least 30 countries.

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Dr. Neela R. Soman is a successful entrepreneur involved in multiple income business opportunities such as Information Marketing Business, marketing home educational products and seminars on Financial Literacy and Life Skill sets, and Effective Advertising technology. She is also interested in Real Estate Investment and Sales. Please visit, and, for more information.

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