How To Set Up Learning Centers In Your Home

How To Set Up Learning Centers In Your Home

Article by Peter Harris

So you have made the decision to home school your children. There are many things you will have to consider and accomplish before the homeschool education procress will begin. One of those things is how will you set up learning centers in your home? Afterall, your home is now becoming an “educational institution” for your children. You’ll want to consider some basic things without making a total transformation of your living space.

Obviously when you home school it is not expected that you will remodel your house to look like a classroom. It is a good idea to designate one area or room in the house as the learning center. This will be the area that lessons are taught and where kids will do their work. It doesn’t have to be the biggest room in the house; just one that is made to look inviting and is conducive to learning. Some of the basic necessities that will transform a space into a learning center are a large enough work surface, a computer, shelving and storage for books and supplies, a space for you (as the teacher) to sit and help, and comforable seating.

Organize the kids supplies so they are easily accessible to them during the class day. This includes art supplies, pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks and reading materials. Clear plastic bins work well for this. Clealy label their contents as well as with the child’s name. This gives them their own space that they can have some control over. It’s like having a locker at school. You may have to try a few different systems of organizing the learning center until you find a system that works best for everyone.

The last thing you should do that will help you set up a learning center in your home is to take necessary steps to minimize possible distractions during school time. Some possible things you can do is to mute your phone and/or answering machine. A ringing phone and then listening to see who leaves a message can be very distracting to a young learner. Communicate with friends and family what hours during the day you will be teaching your kids and ask them not to disturb you during that time. You may go so far as to leave a note on your front door notifying people that “homeschool is in session – please do not disturb.” This will make anyone that comes to your door aware that you are teaching so they won’t ring the bell or knock.

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