Home Schooling with Satellite Internet

Home Schooling with Satellite Internet

Article by Brent

Many parents in consider home schooling for their children over normal school classes. Historically, most parents home schooled their children due to religious beliefs. Now, the reasons are more that religion. And, they are contrary to opinions where professionals once believe that you should not home school your children. Satellite broadband internet is making it possible for home schooling to break through the barriers of the once negative myths. As a matter of fact, many schools in urban cities are finding it cheaper to close schools and turn them into free public home school programs.

There are plenty of reasons why parents are deciding to home school besides the once common religious reasons. One is perhaps social reasoning. Professionals who once criticized parents for home schooling their children are beginning to change their views, finally realizing what people in rural areas knew for years. That not all social interaction is positive. The physical schools are becoming increasingly violent, along with increased drug usage, and gang activity. Home schooling with satellite broadband internet allows schools to turn into interactive virtual classrooms where children are still able to interact with teachers, students, and parents. The home–school setting draws the child’s attention from negative social behaviors like alcohol, drugs, and risky sexual behavior. Chances of the child encountering violence in the home–school setting are nonexistent.

Academic reasons are another area that home schooling has become popular in. Those living in rural areas who previously home schooled their children were required at one point to create lesson plans that followed state guidelines and standards. Thanks to fast satellite broadband internet, parents are finding interactive home–school programs that exceed state requirements. Some home–school programs feature live lessons for children where they can actually see and hear the teacher present lessons. The teacher gives visual step by step assistance and records it, allowing the child to gain repetitious learning. Previously, physical schools used repetition to teach all the time. Now they use so many methods, that from year to year the children have to relearn or unlearn a previous method. Also, once they teach a lesson, they move on to the next, not allowing the child to properly retain the taught information. The recorder live lesson method lets the children go back as many times as they need to until they get it.

Another reason home–schooling has increased in popularity are cultural. Many parents feel that their children are not learning enough about their own cultures and are in essence losing their cultural identities attending physical public schools. Although physical public schools implement various cultural histories into their lesson plans, there’s not much room or time in the curriculums to advance further into specific areas. The lessons are usually brief and incomplete. Home–school parents can use their fast satellite internet connection to research and expand on these cultural lessons. Parents come up with sub lessons that teach children more about their culture as well as other cultures, including languages, foods, tradition, and history. Most of which are not taught in the physical school setting.

For rural area communities, home–schooling through the use of satellite broadband internet has expanded and allowed more in depth education that will give their children the ability to academically and professionally thrive in the new age world we live in.

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