5 Tips To Get The Best Home Schooling Program In Illinois

5 Tips To Get The Best Home Schooling Program In Illinois

Article by Gobala Krishnan

To do homeschooling for your kid is often quite challenging. Fortunately, these days there are a number of ways in which you can ensure that you get the best home schooling program in Illinois. The only point you have to ensure is that you have a good understanding about the different programs that are available to suit your needs.

1) Structured or Traditional Programs

With a traditional program, you have a virtual school-at home. Your children has to study accordingly to the syllabus customize for him or her in a daily basis – it is very much similar to the school syllabus. This program allow you to have the full right to decide on the outcome of your children future. Your kid will get the same structured education as other kids. You will get a number of such options when you are looking for home schooling in Illinois.

2) Unschooling

This method is just the opposite! It basically believes that the natural curiosity of a child is the best teacher he can have. So, after guiding him on basic math and language skills, the kid is allowed to learn according to his level of curiosity and interests. This approach is interesting because it lets a child learn according to his own capacities and inclinations.

3) Distance Learning or Accredited Learning

This is an interesting balance between the comforts of a home school and the structured learning of a standard school! A distance school helps a child follow a particular curriculum that is recognized. The teacher gets a base to work on and the child has all the individuality he would otherwise miss at a conventional school.

4) A Faith Based Program

This is a program that focus on religious and moralistic guidance to the children. This is mainly for parents who feel that the religious aspects of a child’s education are neglected at conventional schools.

5) The Waldorf Education Method

This program emphasis on the advancement of the body, mind and soul as a means of securing a well rounded education. The curriculum is geared according to these goals.

6) The Unit Studies Method

This program is specialize in nurturing natural talent of your children to a good extend. This practice emphasis strongly on the important of discovering subjects that interest your child. He or she then slowly start to develop a pace to continue the learning process.

How Do I Choose A Program That Is Right For My Kid?

Now that you have an idea about the different options under home schooling in Illinois, how do you know which one is right for you? There are several workable options here…

a) Choose right – Be selective, select and always review program according to your child’s learning progress.

b) Talk to your family – Before you take a look at the products on offer, talk to your family about your goals and aspirations. The structure of you family, the number of members and their age all have a bearing on your decision.

c) Think about your routine – Consider the schedules you normally keep. Do you follow a set routine every day? Are you ready for unexpected changes that come last minute? Think and plan thoroughly before you make any decision.

Homeschooling in Illinois can be a unique and liberating experience – choose one with care.

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