What You Need to Know About Rephrasing Questions

Asking your child how their day was might not work as it might result in a grunt, fine, good or even one full sentence.

If you’re not satisfied with this (and most people aren’t), you might just have to rephrase the questions differently.

So, here’s you can rephrase these question for the different aspects of school in order to get better answer:

#1: Class and Homework

Since class and homework are an integral part of any student’s life, it’s best to ask what they learnt in science class instead of the general “How was science class today?”. Also, instead of asking if they did their homework, ask what their teacher gave for homework in class. If they are reading a book, then ask them what’s happening so far instead of which book they’re reading currently.

#2: Classmates and Teachers

Whether it’s about asking how their days was, bullying or even whether they like their teacher, you can rephrase it as to what was their favorite part of the day or what they did at recess or even what they like or don’t about their teacher. These questions can go a long way to resolving a number of issue that can contribute to a lack of learning at school.

#3: Tests they take

Instead of asking them why their grades were too low or even if they’re ready for that difficult test, you can rephrase it as “How can we do differently this time to get better grades?” or even “What did you do to prepare for your test tomorrow?”. Better still, don’t ask them how they did on that test later but instead rephrase it as how you felt when you did tests while asking how they felt as well.

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