Therapeutic Boarding School for Homeschooled Teens

Written by Wood Creek Academy

Are you homeschooling your teenage son? Homeschooling has many benefits, from providing your child with a better education to creating an intimate relationship with him. But not all children respond well to homeschooling, especially when they reach a certain age: the age of adolescence.

If your teenage son is showing signs of rejecting homeschooling, you might need to consider alternative educational paths, such as private school or therapeutic boarding school. It’s best to send your son to private school or even public school if they are interested in learning, motivated, and receive good grades. But in some cases, teenage boys need guidance and support before leaving the comfort of the homeschooling environment. Here are some reasons your teenage boy might benefit from attending a therapeutic boarding school before going to traditional school.


Is your son always angry? Does he refuse to do his homework or listen to your daily lessons? If homeschooling is not working out because your son is defiant, there is a chance he might show the same disrespect and defiance toward other authority figures, such as teachers. Sending your son to public or private school without addressing his defiance will set him up for failure. A great way to heal the root of the problem is to send your son to therapeutic boarding school or a Christian boarding school for boys. The right boarding school will help your son gain respect for authority figures and learn how to work well with others.

Lack of Motivation

Is your son unmotivated to learn? It is hard to get him to pay attention or do his homework due to lack of motivation? Homeschooling is nearly impossible for children who display a lack of motivation. Instead of sending your child off to public school where they will continue to struggle with the same problem, send them to a therapeutic boarding school where they will be encouraged to learn and grow as a person. A therapeutic boarding school will address the underlying cause of your child’s behavior and will provide them with the skills they need to succeed in all areas of life.

Poor Academic Performance

There are times when homeschooling doesn’t work out simply because the child continues to get poor grades. The problem could be that he is not responding well to your teaching style. But most of the time it means there is something else going on. Whether they have a learning disability, need motivation, or are struggling with an addition, a therapeutic boarding school can uncover the problem and treat it before it becomes too late.

If homeschooling is not going well with your teenage age, don’t get discouraged. Consider therapeutic boarding school as a way to address the underlying problem and get your teen back on track again.
Wood Creek Academy is a licensed therapeutic boarding school for boys located in Western Montana.

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