The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Home School Education

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Home School Education

Article by Luvi Marie

More and more kids today are getting a home school education and the reasons for the increase vary but there seem to be two main reasons why parents are pulling their kids from public schools and giving them a home school education. The public education system in the United States is making national, and international, news with its outdated text books and school buildings that are falling apart.

A home school education not only ensures that the parents have complete control over the quality of the materials being used but they also have control with the learning conditions that their children are exposed to. A home school education means that the parents can have complete control over the quality of the conditions that their children are forced to learn under and many parents like it that way.

Ever since the shootings in Columbine High School in Colorado it seems that violence in our public education system is getting worse and worse. Recently there was the incident at a public school in Finland where a student, inspired by events in the United States, shot and killed students and teachers.

With the problem of school violence spreading to become a worldwide epidemic, more parents are turning to a home school education as a way of making sure their children get an education without the growing threats that come from going to a public school. It was thought that private schools may be safer but when an Amish school was attacked and innocent children killed just a couple of years ago many parents to the initiative to get their children a home school education.

What You’re Missing

A home school education may sound like the quick and easy solution but in most cases, the state education board in the state you live in still has to approve the situation in order for the parents to avoid action by the state for keeping the children out of public or private school. The teacher that will be teaching the children must be certified to be a home teacher, the textbooks to be used must be approved by the state, and there must be a curriculum approved by the state before the child will be allowed to be pulled out of public or private schooling. It all sounds like the quick and easy solution but the state you live in has safe guards against neglectful parents that may be using a home school education as a way to deny their child an education.

Going to school with classmates both good and bad is one of the very important things that help a child develop crucial social skills that will come into play later in their lives. When a child is home schooled they miss out on that interaction with other children. If your child is athletically inclined then they will be unable to participate in school team and individual sports. There are many advantages to home schooling but there are just as many developmental issues to consider for a growing child that is being denied access to the social network that a public or private school offers.

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